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eMarketing and Online Solutions

eMarketing and Online Solutions examples
eMarketing and Online Solutions

eMarketing and Online Solutions

Build your business, and your brand, with a full array of effective electronic marketing tactics.

Sometimes termed electronic marketing and at other times called internet marketing, digital marketing or online marketing, eMarketing — as crafted for you by KKP — is always a good idea.

With it, we’ll apply strategic marketing strategies and agile tactics via electronic media and the internet to strengthen your presence in the marketplace. We’ll enhance your brand and ultimately grow your business, organization or nonprofit.

 Expert in all aspects of eMarketing, rely on KKP as your single source to develop and deploy any one, several or all these electronic marketing solutions for the benefit of your company, organization or nonprofit:

  • Reach interested consumers inexpensively and frequently via email marketing. With email communications, you’ll stay-top-of-mind with customers and prospects who’ve opted in for ongoing messages from you. Our solutions include email list management and creative services for your emails and e-newsletters. We’re also adept at email tracking. It allows to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign and fine-tune our future efforts for greater success.
  • Appeal to buyers at the most opportune time with search engine marketing. With search engine marketing or SEM, we'll research the keywords that consumers most often use online at Bing or Google when looking for the products or services you offer. We'll then bid against others to have your pay-per-click (PPC) ads appear on the results page when those keywords are entered. Created by our graphic designers and writers, the PPC ads link to your website or phone. SEM's biggest advantage? It puts your ad directly in front of motivated consumers at the precise moment they're ready to complete a purchase or otherwise take action!
  • Take advantage free profiles you can post with social media marketing. It’s one of your most cost-effective online marketing tactics. Why? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow you to create and post profiles at no charge. Through these channels, you can engage new prospects. We’ll also help you maintain relationships with current ones as part of a CRM or customer relationship management strategy. With our help, social media marketing can also be a great way for you to promote your products and services, announce accomplishments, conduct market research and more.
  • Maintain a blog. A blog is a regularly updated web page or social media post. Created by KKP, blogs offer two advantages. By consistently publishing fresh content, you'll support your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This, in turn, will help boost your search engine rankings. And, the higher you are to the top of the results pages at Bing and Google, the better! Of course, your blog also becomes a great place to share information, offer advice and connect with those who are interested in your products, services or brand.

 Need even more ideas with which to build your business and your brand? We’ve got them. With mobile-friendly websites and so much more that’s essential today, KKP’s digital marketing solutions will click for you!


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